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The world is evolving. Shoppers now buy more online than in stores. It is now the selfie generation, front facing cameras on mobile devices are the norm. Computer vision, AI, AR and VR technology is rapidly developing. Extracting intelligence and trends from big data is producing more value than ever before.

EVERYSTORE set out to make a giant leap in improving online shopping by leveraging these new technology trends. EVERYSTORE gives shoppers access to more products more quickly with our store aggregation, visual search, and similar item technologies. EVERYSTORE’s Try It On with Head Swap is the first time shoppers can instantly try on millions of products. EVERYSTORE Guides include trend analysis, pricing comparisons, and upfront store information on each and every item. Shoppers can customize their own Fashion Feeds with a simple Pinterest login.

EVERYSTORE brings together 1,000 stores in one place, giving shoppers access to over 22 million products and 25,000 brands. No more jumping around multiple websites to find what you need. Each night EVERYSTORE is updated with new products, prices, photos, and promotions across all 1,000 stores.

EVERYSTORE allows you to see more products in less time. Humans can review images much more quickly than text. With visual search, EVERYSTORE maximizes the amount and speed of viewing product images. Visual search for shopping was pioneered by EVERYSTORE's parent company, PicClick LLC, #1 tool for eBay power buyers since 2008. PicClick.com was the first to provide full-screen search result with a zoom slider for thumbnails at any size. PicClick also was one of the first websites to support infinite scroll, HD images, and horizontal scroll galleries. PicClick LLC now brings all these innovations to our new website, EVERYSTORE.

EVERYSTORE shows 50+ similar items for each product. Seeing similar products helps you compare and make the best purchase. EVERYSTORE brings PicClick's proprietary ProductMatch™ technology to fashion products. Similarity with other items is determined by a combination of human training with artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, text, and attribute analysis.

EVERYSTORE allows you to instantly try on millions of products. The human mind actually does an amazing job filling in blanks, it turns out you don't need to virtually try on something perfectly to get a sense of how it will look on. EVERYSTORE is the first to leverage the new WebRTC standard for browser camera access, plus JavaScript face recognition to provide Try It On with Head Swap with no software install (Patent Pending).

EVERYSTORE Guides keep you informed before making a purchase. The style guide shows the brand search trend from 2004 on. The trend is summarized into a simple description allowing shoppers to know if the style is trending up or down. The price guide quickly shows how the price compares with other similar items, and allows you to shop higher or lower priced items. The store guide shows you upfront if a store provides free shipping, free returns, guest checkout, PayPal, and customer service contact information.

EVERYSTORE reveals the latest new arrivals and sales with your Fashion Feed. An easy login with Pinterest allows you to make your own personalized Fashion Feed. Be the first to see what's new and never miss a sale. Our Pinterest integration also allows us to collect all your Pins from EVERYSTORE into a universal wish list, with continually updated pricing and availability.


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Contact us anytime with feedback or questions at customerservice@everystore.com.

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